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CorfuGreenWay-Agricultural and Horticulture Enterprises- was founded in 1988 by Vissarion Karametos, agriculturist, graduate of the Agricultural University of Athens (A.U.A.)

From 2008 the business executive is Aris Diavatis (graduate of T. E. I. Agricultural of Mesolonghi- Department of Mechanical and Water Resources Engineering)

In recent years they have been included in the personnel of the company, the daughters of the founder , Spyridoula (graduate of Department of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Ioanna (graduate of T. E. I. Agricultural of Thessaloniki -Department of Plant Production)

Purpose of the company:

  • Support of agricultural holdings.
  • Garden and Automatic Irrigation Constructions
  • Marketing of farm and garden supplies
  • Development Law studies (Young farmers- Improvement Plans)

An important plan is our contribution in order to make our place an island paradise, in which we could all the inhabitants, but also the visitors, live in harmony with nature and enjoy the goods from the cultivation of the Earth, but also the beauty beauty from the green spaces. Our aim is also to provide quality services, friendly to the customer and the environment that will make our life easier.

We believe that trade and the provision of services are based on moral values, which we strictly adhere to. These values have to do with respect for commitments (exposure to the suppliers and final customers), trust and responsibility for the services and products that we provide.

Through our long-working activities, we can say with certainty that we are one of the top Corfiot enterprises in our sector, with Technologically Modern Infrastructure, a permanent Upward Course and Competent Staffing.So we have the ability to undertake complex and demanding projects and successfully cope with a wide range of needs and a significant amount of work.

All this has strengthened us, made us more competitive and have strengthened our reputation both in the Corfu, as well as in the rest of Greece.

Nevertheless, we continue to:

  • Be modernized according to the technology developments
  • Be informed and trained both us and our staff
  • Create relationships of trust both with customers and partners
  • Respond promptly and serve successfully the needs of our customers

Since 2000, CorfuGreenWay is located at the 4o km. National Road of Gyrou- Achilleion Street in Tsarou area.

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